How To Create A Chef Portfolio

Jun 10, 2023 | Chef Guides, How to Become a Private Chef, How to Create a Chef Portfolio

A streamline guide to how to create a chef portfolio

What IS a Portfolio?

A chef portfolio is a captivating collection that reveals a culinary genius’s skills, creativity, and achievements. It’s a powerful showcase that brings their culinary artistry to life. This step-by-step guide on how to create a chef portfolio serves to help you attract clients, land dream jobs, and impress industry insiders. It’s a gateway to success, providing a roadmap for crafting a remarkable portfolio that leaves a lasting impression and sets them apart from the competition.


Step 1: Define Your Portfolio’s Aim and Audience

Pin down the aim of your portfolio, be it flaunting your culinary prowess, luring in clients, or bagging amazing job opportunities. Identify your target audience, be it potential clients, employers, or industry insiders.

Step 2: Organise Your Content

Gather and sort your content, including professional achievements, certifications, education, work experience, sample menus, food snaps, and testimonials. Remember to include your CV in PDF format AND Word ready to send off to the next client or in advance of that overseas interview.

Step 3: Choose a Design Platform or Software

Select a design platform or software to craft your chef portfolio. Canva or Microsoft PowerPoint are the bees’ knees and easy to use. Both have online and free versions available.

Step 4: Create an Introduction Page

Kick off your portfolio with an eye catching intro page featuring your name, professional title, and a brief lowdown of your culinary background and specialities. Add a pro snap of yourself for that personal touch.

Step 5: Include Your Biography and Experience

Devote a page or paragraph to your bio and experience. Write a summary of your culinary journey. Highlight any unique skills, areas of expertise, or specific cuisines you excel in. Don’t go overboard here, you’ve already covered the important details in your CV!

Step 6: Showcase Sample Menus

Carve out a section or a couple of pages to flaunt sample menus that showcase your culinary prowess and creativity. Feature enticing dish names, short descriptions, and top-notch snaps of your signature dishes. Mention any dietary restrictions or special menus you offer. We recommend :

  • A great well rounded 7 day menu of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and afternoon snacks.
  • A themed celebration meal
  • A picnic or BBQ on the beach

Step 7: Incorporate Food Photography

Craft a visually stunning section for your food snaps. Display high-quality photos of your dishes, paying attention to composition, lighting, and presentation. Our favourite app for this is  SnapSeed. Include captions or short descriptions for each photo, showcasing key ingredients and techniques used. Ensure you check your spelling and grammar as you go.

An example of a yacht chef CV

An example of a yacht chef CV

Chef gallery page example
Menus : How To Create A Chef Portfolio

Menus : How To Create A Chef Portfolio

Step 8: Include Testimonials and Recommendations

Reserve a section or page to showcase glowing testimonials from satisfied clients, employers, or colleagues. Cherry-pick compelling quotes that highlight your skills, professionalism, and the impact you’ve had. Include the names, positions, and affiliations of those who provided the testimonials where possible. If full details aren’t available, simply include a first name. So long as you’re certain the quotes are genuine from real clients (this is really important), you’ll be just fine!

Step 9: Design a Contact Information Page

Create a separate page that includes your contact information, such as your phone number, email address, website, and social media handles. Consider adding links to your professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram.

Step 10: Design the Layout and Visuals

Opt for a consistent colour scheme and font style throughout your portfolio for a polished look. Incorporate visually appealing elements like borders, dividers, or icons to enhance the overall design. Ensure readability by using appropriate font sizes and spacing between text and images.

you’ve walked the 10 steps showing how to create a chef portfolio


  • Proofread and Review
  • Export or Print
  • Share Your Portfolio

Meticulously proofread your portfolio to root out any spelling, grammar, or formatting blunders. Review the overall flow and organisation of the portfolio to ensure a seamless and logical progression.

Export your chef portfolio as a PDF or image file, or print it out if needed.
Consider creating both digital and physical versions for different presentation purposes.

Share your chef portfolio digitally via email, on your website, or through online platforms.

If attending in-person meetings or events, have physical copies of your portfolio handy to leave with potential clients or employers.

Remember, tailoring your portfolio to showcase your unique skills, style, and target audience will make it truly stand out.




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