Chef Hannah Rose

Apr 1, 2024 | Chef Stories, Special Edition


Chef Hannah Rose

Age : 24

What is your current role?

Sous Chef on 92m Motor Yacht Phoenix 2

Where are you from?

St Andrews, Scotland

Qualifications and Certificates

Ships cook cert however nothing else, entirely taught by experience

Social Media and Web Links

Truffle, Comté , Pickled pear

Breakfast Yoghurt Parfait

Carrot tartlet, Gruyère, Linseed Seed Taco, Lobster

What is your earliest memory of cooking? What did you cook and for who?

Earliest memory of cooking came from my father, watching him bring so much joy and happiness to our family with the connection of love and enthusiasm shown. Cooking my own, very first dish would always bring me back to cooking with my dad and it was called ‘pasta mess’ It originated from a night me and him cooking dinner, and we opened our fridge that was a ‘mess’ the ingredients combined created the most unbelievable pasta dish. Since then we have forever purposely bought the ingredients and recreated it. It will forever signify why i love cooking so much, as it brings so much purpose and reason to life. To this day it’s still my favourite meal to cook for people closest to me.

Have you always been a chef? Or did have a change of direction in your career?

I have always been a chef since i was 14-15 years old. I started out with the passion of winning a young chef competition in high school and realising i loved everything about it. It’s been my entire focus since.

If you could cook with ingredients from any country, where would it be and why?

It would be fresh spices from India. The flavours they create in their style of cooking is one of the most incredible things I’ve learnt. I find it so inspiring how they cook from pure flavour and combinations, no weights or recipes. The majority of their style in cooking stems from their childhood or family memories and being shown the way from a young age.

If you could invite any 2 people for dinner, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I would invite Adele. Hands down.

What was the last culinary course / qualification you took and what would you choose next?

I haven’t ever taken one!

What is the most funny/ frustrating thing that has happened to you whilst cooking for someone?

A 10 person dinner turning into 150 guests onboard within the space of a few minutes and literally throwing food together for 12 hours straight, all you can do is laugh!

How much of your cooking is “finger tips” and instinct rather than following the recipe?

The majority of all my savoury cooking, all that comes from taste and instinct.

What or who inspired you choose the food and drink / chef industry?

I wouldn’t say it was a person more the world of fine dining and how mindblowing it was to me that you can take pure whole ingredients and turn them into such unbelievable food dishes.

What does your typical day in your life as a Chef look like?

Busy, chaotic and always doing many things at once. I’m at my happiest when I’m busy.

How do you spend your time off? What do you enjoy doing?

Usually eating out and drinking bubbles! I love dining out and exploring new places.

You’re running specialist training for Yacht / Private Chefs, what’s involved and who is this for specifically?

I’m running a yacht chef chocolatier course. It’s based over 3 days covering all the techniques and skills involved in making chocolates onboard a superyacht. The course will cover all the basis of cleaning, polishing and decorating moulds. An array of fillings and recipe modules as well as the process of tempering and work with cocoa products. It’s based for chefs who want to master the skills and execute them on superyachts.

Hannah Rose Yacht Chef 
Chocolatier Course | OceanWave Monaco

How did you get into teaching your specialism?

I start making chocolates about 5 years ago and since been in the yachting industry it’s something I’ve seen more and more chefs having an interest in and a want to learn the skill. I want to share evything i know and guide other chefs to be able to execute the process themselves.

What’s the driving force behind what you do, and your specialism in particular?

My passion for it. I couldn’t love anything more and i feel it really shows in the work i produce. I specialise in intricate chocolatier designs and techniques.

What advice would you give to a young person entering the industry today?

To give it your absolute all and stick out the rough rides as hard work and a good attitude always pays off. Dedicated crew members always make it very far in this industry. Learn, learn and learn too! No knowledge is bad knowledge it’s just about how you use it and make it your strength. There so many great leader and role models in this industry that crew can look up to when starting out.

Do you have a favourite cooking or chef quote to share?

“Make it right or make it twice!”

Thank you Hannah! We look forward to hearing about your future courses and more! 

Aly | HEC Net News

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