Welcome to the High End Chefs Network… known amongst our members as HEC NET. Applications are now open and welcome. Please sign up for ‘Level 1 Free profile’ or ‘Level 2 Enhanced’ by clicking on ‘SIGN UP TODAY’ and ‘JOIN NOW’ anywhere arounf the site.

***Please note : All profiles and visible to employers, clients and recruiters unless you prefer to make your profile private. The small fee for enahnce profiles does not affect your position or capacity to respond to enquiries and apply for positions. 

HEC Net High End Chefs is a connections and client realtions website. 



This is exciting, new and unique… nothing like this out there and it’s live and rolling…
For Private and Personal Chefs… and related professionals at sea and on land.




  • Professional profile and landing page on the High End Chefs site including role, location, certificate and awards listing, cuisine and industry specialisms and more.
  • Proiles are available with food image gallery and CV upload plus additional document upload.
  • Download and share your portfolio documents from anywhere you have a phone signal or wifi to log onto you membership profile area.
  • Pre-approved posting on our Facebook group.
  • Multiple categories and locations
  • Benefit from our vast social media audience… ALL EYES ARE ON YOU!

 There’s support, discussionS, community and guidance!!


  • Genuine support, help and advice from genuine fellow members, who’ve walked the walk and live and breath the private and personal chef industry
  • Tips, discussions and help around your career and business (CVs and portfolio presentation, interviews and connecting with the right people)
  • Promotion by specialisms and directory across the High End Chefs social media platforms and newsletter!
  • Training sessions for that little bit of extra guidance in portfolio development.


It’s a great time to get involved. We will be adding more features as the platform grows and evolves with you.


There’s plenty of networking going on in our Facebook Group with sessions in a separate group for our Enhanced Profile Members, where you’ll have the opportunity to make great connections with others in the industry. 


We’re local. We’re global. We’re ready to host and  share your fantastic work on the High End Chefs Platform and Network!


How to access all this?

1. Select your package here SIGN UP 

2. Select from Level 1 or Level 2 PREMIUM package.

Please note, choosing the right role is important at this stage. We want you to get the best experience during your time as a network member. At which point we will be able to check and approve your registration.


PLEASE ensure you use the same first and last name, and email throughout the sign up and payment process. 

ONLY profiles with real business / member names will be displayed on our pages. ***Please note this a condition of application. 


PLEASE ensure you read the Terms and Conditions page to ensure you fulfil the criteria and apply with the correct information.


3. Once you have payed (if selecting PREMIUM) and registered, you will be sent an email with your “Approval Confirmation” if your application has been successful, which is sent within 3 working days (Monday – Friday) and will contain the link to build your profile.


4. Once into your member profile area, you will see access to edit your profile and you’ll be granted access to the forums which you’ll see in the menu bar at the top of the page and via your profile.

We will check your email against your registration approve your access, so please make sure you use the same one that you subscribe to the site with.


5. We share the Member Directories and Specialisms whilst you get to doing what you do best!